Climate change

Climate change is rarely out of the news at the moment and the frequency, and intensity, of natural catastrophes are increasing. We are here to assist the insurance industry in working with legislators, businesses, communities and individuals to reduce exposure to losses.

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  • How climate change is impacting the risk profiles of financial institutions

    While awareness of climate change has, previously, simply provided an environmentally conscious image for corporations, the perceived role of financial institutions in averting the course of climate change is coming to the forefront of the public’s agenda. We look at the dual perspective from Australia and the UK.

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  • Getting to grips with global warming

    Insurers have been forced into the front line of the fight to stop global warming and climate change and they are beginning to feel uncomfortable and exposed. While several major insurers have issued bold commitments to join the fight to halt global warming, they seem uncertain about where this might be leading them. Insurance POST reports.

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Climate change was once the concern primarily to carbon emitters. It is now an issue that all entities and every board should address; failure to do so could be very costly.

John Bruce, Partner

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  • Vine to wine, and the fire in between – the growing insurance implications of the California wildfires

    2018 has been another year of devastating wildfires in California. The November 2018 Camp Fire was reported as the deadliest and most destructive in the state’s reported history, and the July 2018 Mendocino Complex fire was reported as the state’s largest.

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  • Insights report: wildfires

    Wildfires are rarely out of the news at the moment and their frequency, and intensity, is increasing. Whilst North America and Mediterranean Europe have suffered the most recent devastating losses, the risk of UK wildfires exists and this risk is growing.

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  • Latest wildfire update - UK perspective

    You may be forgiven for thinking that wildfires are limited to hot, dry regions such as California in the US and mainland Europe. This view was reinforced by the ongoing, tragic events near Athens in Greece.

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