Ingrid Hu - Day in the life

Trainee Solicitor, London

Ingrid is a Trainee Solicitor and joined Kennedys in 2018. Ingrid is now in her fourth seat and is currently working within the Insurance division assisting the Marine team. She has also worked within the Aviation team and also the Liability division in her previous seats.

Creating the bundles for new matters is useful as you become familiar with the documents and it puts you in a good position to provide assistance.

Ingrid Hu, Trainee Solicitor

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  • Morning

    I arrive and check my e-mails, as the Marine team deal with many global matters, items often come in overnight. I review my tasks for the day and then pop to the kitchen and have a quick breakfast (toast which is provided!) with some other trainees.

  • 09:15

    I start on an attendance note for a conference with counsel I attended at chambers the previous day. We are meeting with clients next week to provide a plan going forward so I want to get the note down while it is still fresh in my mind.

  • 10:00

    A new matter has come in. The client has sent through a large number of documents which I review to create an indexed bundle and chronology, a frequent task I do as a trainee. Creating the bundles for new matters is useful as you become familiar with the documents and it puts you in a good position to provide assistance as it progresses.

  • 12:30

    There is a lunchtime seminar on contract construction held in the office and I arrive a few minutes early to make the most of the lunch provided. Kennedys hold frequent lunchtime seminars on different areas of law, these are both interesting and helpful for future trainee seat choices.

  • 13:40

    I have been asked to draft a witness statement, the matter is very technical and it takes a while to review the correspondence and documents to ensure that I understand the issues.

  • 15:00

    I take a break and head to the kitchen for tea and a chat with whoever has congregated there at the same time. Sometimes I get to my desk before I finish my tea, otherwise I make myself another before heading back.

  • 15:15

    One of the things on my list for the day is to research the procedure for service out of the jurisdiction. I start with a call to the Foreign Process Section then do some further research into the relevant Regulations, Conventions and required forms and send my note to the Associate.

  • 16:00

    Instructions to settle come in on a matter I have been assisting with and we call the other side to inform them that the claim will be settled. The policy is subject to Spanish law and jurisdiction and I correspond with our Spanish office regarding a draft Settlement Agreement - one of the many benefits of being part of a global law firm with offices around the world.

  • 17:15

    My supervisor asks me to prepare instructions to counsel to draft claim submissions for an arbitration we have just commenced. We discuss what needs to be in it and I make a start. At the end of the day, I ensure my time recording is up to date and create a fresh list of tasks for the next day.

  • Evening

    Kennedys is part of a legal softball league and we have a match in Regent’s Park tonight. We pick up some food and drinks from catering to take to the match and meet with the team to head over - we don’t expect a win but it’s always a laugh! 

Day in the life