As a growing global law firm, attracting and retaining talent from a variety of different backgrounds has allowed us to develop a distinct culture that we are proud of.

We are committed to promoting equality and diversity at Kennedys. Our principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity apply not only to our employees, but also to the way we treat our visitors, clients, customers and suppliers.

This year we are proud to be the global gold-level partners for Dive In 2019, the multi-award winning festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance, run by Lloyd’s. Read more about Dive In Festival and how to get involved. 

Our equality and diversity policy

We support our workplace and clients by following our equality and diversity policy. Our policy covers:

  • Discrimination
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and promotion
  • Termination of employment
  • Treating outside parties
  • Monitoring
  • Disabled employees.  

Read our equality and diversity policy.


Kennedys to celebrate diversity as global partner of Dive In Festival 2019

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Gender pay gap 2018

We have published our 2018 gender pay gap report. Download and read it using the link below.

Gender pay gap report 2018 (PDF, 272 KB)

Our global diversity figures

Role Headcount Percentage
Sole Practitioner/Partner/Member/Director 270 14.8%
Solicitor  565 30.9%
Other FE role 317 17.3%
Role directly supporting fee earner 271 14.8%
Managerial role  85 4.6%
IT/HR/Other  283 15.5%
Barrister 3 0.2%
Chartered Legal Executive 36 2.0%
Total  1830  

Our 2017 UK diversity figures

We collate diversity information annually from all our UK offices for monitoring purposes. The information is provided anonymously by both employees and partners and collected in line with guidance from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Role *Headcount Percentage
Solicitor (Sole Practitioner/Partner/Member/Director) 109 11.7%
Solicitor  253  27.2%
Other FE role 156  16.8%
Role directly supporting fee earner 169  18.2%
Managerial role  45 4.8%
IT/HR/Other   162 17.4%
Barrister 3 0.3%
Chartered Legal Executive 30 3.2%
Total  927  

Didn't complete 217
UK headcount 1,144

*UK headcount figures as per SRA category headings (Information correct as at 1 August 2017).

Download the full 2017 UK diversity statistics (PDF, 206 KB)