Brexit timeline

The UK formally notified the European Council of its decision to withdraw from the EU on 29 March 2017. This triggered a two-year timeframe to negotiate a withdrawal agreement. Our timeline illustrates what has happened to date and how we expect the process to unfold going forward.

  • 23 Jun

    UK referendum vote to leave EU

  • 17 Jan

    UK Prime Minister sets out ‘Plan for Britain’

  • 29 Mar

    Article 50 triggered

  • 8 Dec

    Phase 1 negotiations conclude

  • 14 Mar

    European Parliament publishes a resolution on concerns and priorities for the Brexit deal

  • 23 Mar

    European Council publishes new draft guidelines on the framework for future EU-UK relations

  • Mar

    House of Lords committee stage of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill completed

  • End of Mar

    End of Phase 2 negotiations: UK and EU agree terms for transition/implementation period

  • 26 Jun 2018

    EU (Withdrawal) Bill Royal Assent

  • 12 Jul

    Brexit white paper on financial services

  • Aug

    Summer recess

  • 4-13 Sep

    UK parliament returns from recess

  • 20 Sep

    EU leaders meet with Theresa May at informal summit in Austria

  • 23-26 Sep

    Labour Party annual conference

  • 30 Sep–3 Oct

    Conservative Party annual conference

  • 18 Oct

    European Council meeting with an aim to finalising the terms of withdrawal and the future EU-UK relationship

  • 14 Nov

    Government publishes draft Brexit withdrawal agreement

  • 25 Nov

    EU27 leaders endorse draft Brexit withdrawal agreement and approve draft political declaration on future EU-UK relations

  • 4 Dec

    Government found in contempt of Parliament over handling of Brexit legal advice

  • 10 Dec

    Prime Minister delays planned meaningful vote on Brexit deal

  • 11 Dec

    ECJ rules that UK can unilaterally revoke Article 50

  • 13 Dec

    Special meeting of European Council reconfirms conclusions of 25 November

  • 15 Jan

    House of Commons 'meaningful vote' on Brexit deal

  • 21 Jan

    No-deal Brexit legal cut-off date

  • 12 Mar

    Second ‘meaningful vote’ on Withdrawal Agreement

  • 13 Mar

    Parliament to vote on approving a ‘no deal’ Brexit

  • Mar

    Withdrawal Agreement concluded by Council acting by a super qualified majority (20 of EU 27 countries)

  • Mar

    Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill passed (assuming Bill must be passed before exit to provide the necessary legal framework for transition/implementation period)

    Withdrawal Agreement ratified by UK in accordance with the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010

  • 29 Mar

    UK withdraws from the EU

  • 30 Mar

    Transition/implementation period begins

  • 23-26 May

    Elections for European Parliament

  • 31 Dec

    Transition period due to end