Your virtual lawyer

At Kennedys we’re different. Our goal is to provide you with innovations and tools that empower you to reduce your legal spend and take more control.

With KLAiM, our award-winning virtual lawyer, we have simplified the complex by creating an online claims litigation tool that helps you use lawyers only when you really need one.  

Available whenever you need it, KLAiM aggregates the experience of over 400 legal experts into a unique, online litigation tool. KLAiM 4 is an enhanced version of KLAiM, offering improved functionality and coverage,  and is an integral part of the Kennedys Toolkit.

KLAiM is browser-based with no technical requirements beyond an internet connection. It assists the litigation process of claims by:

  • Utilising a simple workflow and a 'traffic light' system to guide you through the litigation process.
  • Empowering claims handlers to settle claims quickly and efficiently, avoiding the need to instruct panel.
  • Auto-populating and generating essential documentation, including court documents.
  • KLAiM 4 ensures you follow standard procedures and have the required documentation without the associated legal cost.

The results are a greatly streamlined process and provide the ability to avoid unnecessary legal fees.
More than 80% of cases managed through KLAiM have been successfully settled without the need for a lawyer

With a combination of transparency and innovation, we’re dramatically advancing the future of claims. Of course, we’re always here if you need us.

How KLAiM saves you time and money

KLAiM 4 is a demonstration of our core principle of helping our clients to use lawyers less, and only when they are really needed.

In 2016, KLAiM helped one client achieve £300,000 per annum net savings. In 2017 two further clients each anticipate a saving of between £3m and £5m from using KLAiM. Practical ways that KLAiM can save you time and money include:

  • Having control of the legal process from service of court proceedings through to settlement.
  • Using KLAiM’s straightforward process with step-by-step guidance, eliminating the need for a lawyer and associated costs.
  • Reducing the litigation shelf-life, and reducing the claimant’s legal costs.
  • Empowering you to use your panel lawyers less, therefore saving you money.
  • Less than two hours’ training required.

Who can use KLAiM

KLAiM is currently available to insurers, corporates and Third Party Administrators in the UK, USA, and APAC region. We support the following claims:

  • Motor, employers’ liability & public liability
  • Occupiers Liability Act (OLA)
  • HW
  • Credit hire
  • Small claims and fast track cases
  • Matters where primary liability is not in dispute.

We also support the following processes:

  • Part 7
  • MOJ3
  • Infant Approvals.




We're continually expanding our KLAiM coverage to include more jurisdictions. If you are interested in seeing how KLAiM could be used in your organisation or jurisdiction, please get in touch.

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      Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards 2018

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      Winner - Best Client Service Innovation

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      Legal Week Innovation Awards 2018

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      Technology Initiative of the Year Award - KLAiM

      Insurance Day, London Market Awards 2017

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      Finalist - Highly Commended

      Legal Week Innovation Awards 2016

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