Your live fraud detection tool

Every year insurance fraud costs businesses billions. Kennedys’ Ki is a groundbreaking solution that is changing how companies approach fraud detection. Uniquely innovative and leveraging live data via the web, Ki links your data, third party systems and databases to help your business successfully detect fraud better than any other product available.

Ki enhances your claims information by enriching your data and supplementing it with comprehensive cross-industry data. This empowers you to make early decisions and defend the right claims. Claimant information is verified, which helps to build detailed profiles of individuals involved and identifies any suspected fraud at the earliest opportunity. When used in conjunction with our other tools, Ki is able to flag possible fraudulent claims from the minute an incident is reported, completing the overall picture of fraud detection.

In contrast, when a claim is genuine, Ki gives you the confidence to settle it quickly, saving you time and money.

With bespoke deployments of fraud detection, Ki analyses insurance claims and determines their legitimacy based on a risk profile of the claims and your business. Integrated with key industry and public data sources, as well as consented data and Kennedys own data, Ki offers real-time access to over 500 million data records across both the fraud detection and investigation modules.

It also drives your fraud investigation. Our team of intelligence analysts have data at their fingertips delivering uniquely actionable insights and recommendations for next steps. The depth and accuracy of this information is unrivalled in the industry. If you need further insight and support, our intelligence team can visualise the claim, building an investigation that guides your claims strategy and brings the evidence to life.

Ki, your live fraud detection tool, is a fundamental component to the protection of your business.

Ki uses more live data than any other investigation system in existence

Ki makes use of more live data than any other investigation system in existence and offers unprecedented capabilities.

Integrating with:

  • Claims Underwriting Exchange Electoral Roll
  • Consented data
  • Companies House & business data
  • Compliant & commercially confidential data sharing between Ki clients
  • Ki can also be configured to your MOJ.