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The fees of Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab are fixed according to resource requirements and based upon the value added to the matter by Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab advice. This includes a total evaluation of time spent, special competence and the complexity of the matter as well as the result. VAT is added to the fee unless particular exceptions apply according to current legislation. Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab settles on account at the end of each quarter and finally in connection with the closing of the matter. Payment terms: 14 days. In case of overdue payment we add interest in accordance with the stipulations of the Danish Interest Act.

Costs and expenses

Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab is not obliged to pay expenses on behalf of a client. The client's account will be debited with other costs, including large photocopying jobs and travel costs.

Preventative measures against money laundering
The work performed by Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab is subject to The Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. The Act places Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab under obligation to collect and store clients' identity information for five years. Therefore, clients must submit information regarding name, address and central person registration number or company registration number when a case is started up with Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab, and to some extent also submit proof of such information. In case of companies, these must also submit information regarding and proof of the actual ownership of the company.


Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab has taken out liability insurance and provided guarantee in pursuance of regulations laid down by The Danish Bar and Law Society. The liability insurance covers all performance of lawyer's practice, no matter where this is carried out. The liability insurance of Kennedys Advokatpartnerselskab and the guarantee were both taken out with HDI-Gerling Forsikring, Indiakaj 6, 1., DK-2100 Copenhagen O.

Bank information

(Transferring from Denmark)
Vesterbrogade 8
P O Box 0850
DK-0900 Copenhagen C
Reg. no. 2191
Client account no. 0729 596 760

(Transferring from outside Denmark)
IBAN-no.: DK592 000 0729 596 760