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With the evolution of the workplace, technology and global risks, keeping a competitive advantage is key to SME success. We're here to advise and keep you up to date with the latest insights and opportunities facing businesses today, and in the future.

SMEs: Emerging risks | In association with Insurance POST

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    Protecting the little guys

    A changing risk landscape is creating new challenges for SMEs and those tasked with providing the sector with insurance.

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    Cybersecurity for smaller businesses

    In 2018, household names such as British Airways, Marriott Hotels and Facebook faced the potentially devastating consequences of large-scale data breaches.

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    Tackling the challenges facing SMEs

    SMEs may be concerned about keeping a competitive advantage - but it’s the evolving workforce challenges that can have the greatest impact on their success.

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Taking decisive action to help deliver long-term growth in the face of multiple geopolitical and regulatory disruptions, as well as technology challenges, continues to test businesses.

Alison Loveday, Partner

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  • Patient autonomy and its impact on the future of healthcare

    We consider how technological developments in patient-led care over the next 10 years, could be used to alleviate pressure on the NHS and other healthcare providers.

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  • The rise and rise of PropTech

    Technology’s potential to transform how we live and work is more apparent than ever. We have seen this in finance, health services and transportation.

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  • Planning business growth in 2019? Get your cyber security credentials up to scratch first

    SMEs warned to ensure cyber security credentials stand up to scrutiny or risk losing business.

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  • Block by blockchain: what it all means

    In the first of a three-part series of articles on blockchain in the insurance claims context, our Head of Research and Development, Karim Derrick, outlines the definition of distributed ledger technology.

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  • Fourth industrial revolution – asbestos round two?

    The fourth industrial revolution is the emerging use of radical disruptive technologies and is rapidly changing the way we live and work. 

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  • Technology and health and safety in the workplace an aid not a replacement

    As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence is changing the dynamics of managing health and safety.

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  • Sharing the joy – proposed changes to shared parental leave

    Shared parental leave (SPL) became available to employed parents on 5 April 2015, allowing those parents the right to split up to 52 weeks of SPL.

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  • EPL claims: changing norms and new legislation in the #MeToo era

    Since the numerous sexual harassment and assault allegations made against Harvey Weinstein in 2018, the flood gates have opened on high-profile allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond.

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  • Pimlico Plumbers – Supreme Court confirms worker status

    In a high-profile judgment, the Supreme Court dismissed Pimlico Plumbers’ appeal, thereby allowing Mr Smith’s claims as a ‘worker’ to be heard by the Employment Tribunal.

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Featured report

Management liability and #MeToo - a global perspective

It does not matter where you work or what you do, the recent spotlight on gender equality is having an impact on all businesses, regardless of size, nature or geographical location.

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