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15 August 2017
There has been a long tussle between insolvency lawyers and shipping lawyers over whether a lien over sub-freight ought to be treated as a registrable charge pursuant to the Companies Act. Unfortunately, the score is insolvency lawyers 1 : shipping lawyers 0. In this update, we take a brief look at the case of Siva Ships Intl. Pte Ltd (in liquidation) [2017] SGHC 172 (“Siva Ships”).
15 March 2017
In this update, we look at the case of The Star Quest [2016] 3 SLR 1280; [2016] SGHC 100, where the Singapore High Court granted the shipowner unconditional leave to defend a claim for misdelivery on the ground that it is arguable that the bills of lading issued neither operated as contractual documents nor documents of title; accordingly, there was no requirement for the cargoes to be delivered against presentation of the bills of lading.
12 October 2016
On October 7, the United States of America formally ended its Myanmar sanctions program, through President Obama signing an Executive Order.


16 March 2018
In this briefing we consider some recent decisions that have been handed down in the UK and overseas courts, that include: the meaning of “unit” under the Hague Rules; the right of owners to abandon a vessel arguably late and claim a CTL; and ‘whaling’ in Singapore, which is a cyber attack case, where payments are made by a bank on the instructions of an impostor.
5 March 2018
Last year, the Singapore listed company CSE Global Limited (CSE Global) and its wholly-owned Singaporean subsidiary CSE TransTel Pte. Ltd. (CSE TransTel) (collectively referred to as “CSE”) entered into a settlement agreement with the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requiring CSE to pay a settlement of US$12 million.
2 March 2018
Australia recently became the sixth country in Asia to require some form of mandatory notification to the relevant authorities and/or affected individuals in the event of a data breach. In this article we consider the genesis of data breach notification laws in the US, the similarities and differences across affected countries in Asia Pacific and how it compares to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect in May this year.

Case reviews

16 March 2018
In The Eurohope, the Singapore High Court was asked to consider whether a ship can be arrested in Singapore for the purpose of obtaining security in aid of foreign court proceedings. It held that it could not. However, this decision does not affect the courts’ power to retain property arrested as security for foreign arbitration, which is expressly provided for by Section 7 of the International Arbitration Act (IAA).
15 March 2018
Major Shipping & Trading Inc v Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Ltd, is the first reported decision by the Singapore High Court regarding a social engineering scam known as ‘whaling’ or ‘spoofing’.
11 December 2017
The Singapore Court of Appeal recently held that a binding charter party was formed, notwithstanding the presence of a “subject to review” clause.

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