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Case reviews

26 February 2016
High Court rules that an arbitrator erred in finding that an admissible period of good weather must be 24 hours from noon to noon and restricting the breach to one leg of the voyage, rather than applying it to the whole period of the charterparty.
26 February 2016
Court of Appeal holds that benefit of proceeds of subsequent sale are to be taken into account in assessing damages for breach of time charterparty.
18 December 2015
Can a party who is challenging the validity of a contract on the ground of misrepresentation rely on the exclusive jurisdiction clause contained therein to stay the court proceedings in favour of another forum?
24 November 2015
Court of Appeal rules that OW Bunker is entitled to payment for bunkers supplied on the basis that the contract was a hybrid contract to which, on the facts, the Sale of Goods Act did not apply.
2 November 2015
Shipowners and bunker suppliers around the world have been eagerly awaiting the English Court of Appeal’s decision in PST Energy 7 Shipping LLC & Product Shipping and Trading S.A. v OW Bunker Malta Ltd & ING Bank N.V. [2015] EWCA Civ 1058.
20 January 2012
This case came before the Hong Kong court late in 2011. The facts are relatively simple. Clearwater is an insurance broker. It arranged for Mr Hobbins to purchase investment linked assurance schemes (ILAS) from Royal Skandia and other insurers. Clearwater told Mr Hobbins he didn’t have to pay for its services but that it would receive commissions and fees paid by insurers whose products he purchased. Mr Hobbins was not happy with the performance of several of the ILAS products he purchased. He therefore sought the return of his original investment. One of his claims was that the ILAS contracts were contrary to s.9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (PBO) and therefore illegal, unenforceable and void.
18 January 2012
This case sets out the extent of damages awarded to a young man aged 21, who suffered heart and other related injuries as a result of a surgery performed on him a few days after birth.
18 January 2012
In a recent interlocutory application, the High Court Judge made a wasted costs order against the Plaintiff’s solicitors in their appeal against the Master’s decision on the costs orders of two summonses relating to the filing of the expert report.
28 July 2011
The recent decision of the Singapore Court of Appeal in CRW Joint Operation v PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) TBK[2011] SGCA 33 was handed down on 13 July 2011 and is the first judicial case in which the concept of an interim award to enforce a Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) decision under sub-cl 20.6 of the Federation Internationale de IngenieursConseils (FIDIC) Conditions of Contract for Construction (1st Edition, 1999) (1999 Red Book) is discussed.
24 September 2010
Singapore High Court sets aside an arbitral award under UNCITRAL Model Law after finding the award conflicted with public policy.

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