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Rapid resolution and redress scheme: Kennedys responds

21 June 2017

Last month, we submitted a response to the Department of Health’s consultation on a rapid resolution and redress scheme for severe avoidable birth injury.

Discount rate reduction after 16 years

27 February 2017

Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss has dramatically reduced the personal injury discount rate from 2.5% to minus 0.75%. The change will become effective on 20 March 2017.

Health and cybercrime

30 January 2017

Cybercrime is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world, and attacks on healthcare providers are becoming more prevalent. The healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable to hacking, and stolen medical records can fetch up to ten times the price of stolen credit card numbers on the black market.

Kennedys discusses patient safety and cyber threats in the healthcare industry

07 December 2016

We are very pleased to take part in the New NHS Alliance programme, “Healthy Communities, Healthy People”, in conjunction with ITN Productions. The programme was launched on 1 December 2016 and features key industry interviews and news reports along with sponsored editorial profiles.

Catastrophic injury cases: the road to effective rehabilitation management

01 December 2016

Rehabilitation is now a well-established part of serious injury claims handling. Whilst a collaborative process is still the desired gold standard, the reality is that various opportunist behaviours have developed as parties have sought to exploit rehabilitation for claim purposes.

Patient safety: an interview with Denise Chaffer

24 November 2016

Denise Chaffer, Director of Safety and Learning at the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA), has shared her personal reflections on patient safety and the NHS LA’s aims regarding patient safety with Kennedys’ Healthcare Partner, Christopher Malla.

Understanding emerging risks

25 April 2016

The recognition that we are seeing a rapid, powerful convergence of big technology changes cannot be ignored. Autonomous vehicles, genetic editing, sensors, biotechnology, 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence are some imminent changes.

Making a difference on patient safety

09 December 2015

Early involvement of the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) and its lawyers in the coronial process, on behalf of the NHS, makes a difference to patient safety. Evidence shows the NHS learns from mistakes and implements changes to improve patient safety.

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