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27 May 2016
In preparing our insights report on the EU Referendum, we undertook a series of in-depth interviews with senior executives in the insurance sector.
27 January 2016
A summary of key developments including the civil courts structure review, small claims limit, compulsory public liability cover, autonomous vehicles and enhanced court fees.
27 January 2016
Welcome to the latest edition of Personal Injury Brief.
18 September 2015
Welcome to the first edition of the newly named Brief, formerly published as Liability Brief.
31 July 2015
We were delighted to host a panel discussion last month considering the new political landscape and what it means to the insurance industry.
29 July 2015
This Queen’s Speech was a statement about how David Cameron wants to lead his Government. His determination to deliver is unequivocal and the Government has wasted little time moving forward on key manifesto commitments.
29 July 2015
We follow up on our article General Election 2015: ensuring a fair game and consider the implications for the insurance industry.
28 July 2015
On May 7th residents of the UK headed to polling stations across the country to cast their vote for who they wanted to run the country for the next five years.
6 May 2015
Of the 20 UK governments which have been in power since 1900, the one formed after the 7 May General Election will trigger a milestone for the future of British politics.
5 March 2015
Parliament has confirmed that the controversial decision to introduce enhanced charging in money claims will take effect from Monday 9 March 2015.
Page 1 of 7(64 items found)
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