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Surveillance evidence requires careful assessment

07 February 2017

The court provided guidance on the relevance of evidence, in this case surveillance evidence, in relation to the claimant’s damages claim following an accident at work.

Health and cybercrime

30 January 2017

Cybercrime is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world, and attacks on healthcare providers are becoming more prevalent. The healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable to hacking, and stolen medical records can fetch up to ten times the price of stolen credit card numbers on the black market.

Kennedys discusses patient safety and cyber threats in the healthcare industry

07 December 2016

We are very pleased to take part in the New NHS Alliance programme, “Healthy Communities, Healthy People”, in conjunction with ITN Productions. The programme was launched on 1 December 2016 and features key industry interviews and news reports along with sponsored editorial profiles.

Causation in claims for negligent management of labour: discussion of what does not amount to a “material contribution”

02 December 2016

A claim failed on causation where a child who suffered at least 39 minutes of acute profound hypoxia immediately before his birth, resulting in brain damage, could only establish that there had been a three-minute sub-standard delay, which had no impact on his mental ability or capacity.

Hong Kong Medical Law Brief - December 2016 edition

02 December 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of the Hong Kong Medical Law Brief.

Looking to the e-future – sharing medical records online

02 December 2016

The Government’s Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) commenced operation on 13 March 2016, providing a platform for medical record sharing between public and private healthcare organisations. eHRSS has the potential to improve the efficiency of medical practice but, in view of the sensitive nature of the health data collected, stored and shared, doctors must take care to manage the associated risks of online record sharing.

Patient safety: the role of inquests in Hong Kong

02 December 2016

We review the part played by inquests in improving patient care in Hong Kong and set out examples of recommendations made at inquests to promote safe practices.

Patient safety: an interview with Denise Chaffer

24 November 2016

Denise Chaffer, Director of Safety and Learning at the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA), has shared her personal reflections on patient safety and the NHS LA’s aims regarding patient safety with Kennedys’ Healthcare Partner, Christopher Malla.

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