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Are Scots almost one step closer to finding out what the future holds for fundamental dishonesty?

20 March 2018

With the increasing number of fundamental dishonesty authorities south of the border, there is no such luxury in Scotland. Grubb v Finlay [2017], which is being appealed this week, was a unique case where the pursuer’s claimed damages of £500,000 were reduced to just over £7,000. Despite evidence of impersonation and of lying about why his employment was terminated, along with driving convictions when the pursuer claimed he couldn’t drive etc., his conduct was not considered to amount to fundamental dishonesty.

Marine Brief: latest decisions March 2018

16 March 2018

In this briefing we consider some recent decisions that have been handed down in the UK and overseas courts, that include: the meaning of “unit” under the Hague Rules; the right of owners to abandon a vessel arguably late and claim a CTL; and ‘whaling’ in Singapore, which is a cyber attack case, where payments are made by a bank on the instructions of an impostor.

No Singapore ship arrest in aid of foreign court proceedings

16 March 2018

In The Eurohope, the Singapore High Court was asked to consider whether a ship can be arrested in Singapore for the purpose of obtaining security in aid of foreign court proceedings. It held that it could not. However, this decision does not affect the courts’ power to retain property arrested as security for foreign arbitration, which is expressly provided for by Section 7 of the International Arbitration Act (IAA).