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Dato for implementering af IDD udskydes


Dato for implementering af IDD udskydes    

Wildfire liability from a US perspective

15 January 2018

Last year, we produced a report on wildfires that considered the cause and effects from a predominantly UK perspective. In the UK, wildfires are an emerging risk – a risk that, as yet, has limited data to evaluate, but is likely to increase in frequency and financial burden in the not–too-distant future.

Insurtech - technology is the future

12 January 2018

The press continues to be dominated by commentary on technological innovation in all sectors, and insurance is no exception. We are all familiar with "fintech", a label identifying the use of new technology like mobile phone banking to create and improve financial services, be it for a consumer or a business. But what about the insurance equivalent? What is “insurtech", and what does it mean for those working in the insurance industry in the near future?

What insurers need to know about harassment claims

12 January 2018

As the number of harassment claims increases, insurers should consider whether they're best covered under general liability policies or specialist employment policies.

Five lessons from the ZTE sanctions violations

11 January 2018

As we start the new year, we examine some of the lessons to be learnt from the ZTE sanctions violations settlement which was the largest such settlement with the US regulators in 2017.