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2 December 2016
Welcome to the latest edition of the Hong Kong Medical Law Brief.
23 November 2016
Welcome to the latest edition of Healthcare Brief.
6 June 2016
Welcome to the latest edition of London Market Brief.


2 December 2016
The Government’s Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) commenced operation on 13 March 2016, providing a platform for medical record sharing between public and private healthcare organisations. eHRSS has the potential to improve the efficiency of medical practice but, in view of the sensitive nature of the health data collected, stored and shared, doctors must take care to manage the associated risks of online record sharing.
2 December 2016
We review the part played by inquests in improving patient care in Hong Kong and set out examples of recommendations made at inquests to promote safe practices.
17 November 2016
Hanjin Shipping’s rehabilitation has continued to cause problems in multiple fields in the shipping world. Whilst there are signs of the dust beginning to settle, parties should be on high alert of their potential exposure. Our latest article examines recent issues and provides an update on the rehabilitation proceedings in Korea.

Case reviews

2 December 2016
A claim failed on causation where a child who suffered at least 39 minutes of acute profound hypoxia immediately before his birth, resulting in brain damage, could only establish that there had been a three-minute sub-standard delay, which had no impact on his mental ability or capacity.
12 October 2016

In Dana Shipping and Trading SA v Sino Channel Asia Ltd (HCCT 47A/2015), the Hong Kong Court of First Instance (“Court”) held that it had discretion to enforce a foreign arbitral award even after it had been set aside by the foreign supervisory court of the arbitration proceedings. This discretion will generally be exercised in accordance with the principles applicable to the recognition of foreign judgments.

26 August 2016

Communicating on a without prejudice basis is a widely adopted practice in negotiating settlements in legal proceedings. Such communications are protected by without prejudice privilege and cannot be admissible as evidence in court, except where the communication “would act as a cloak for perjury or other unambiguous impropriety”. This is commonly referred to as the “unambiguous impropriety” exception and is only applied in the clearest cases of abuse of a privileged occasion.


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