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27 February 2015
Welcome to this month’s issue of Insurance Brief.
In this edition, we report on three recent High Court decisions. The first concerns competing jurisdiction clauses in related contracts, whilst the second reviews the meaning of "malicious" damage in relation to coverage under a property insurance policy.
26 February 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of Medical Law Brief.
The Secretary of State for Health, Mr Jeremy Hunt, has announced that hospitals will face financial sanctions if they fail to comply with duty of candour rules.
20 February 2015
Like the seasons, we all face change in the insurance market. Some of that is large scale and some is more modest and gradual. Hopefully, the articles that are included in this edition reflect those variations.
29 January 2015
Two of the main changes significantly impacting the construction industry are the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the imminent introduction of the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 on 6 April 2015.
29 January 2015
Welcome to this month’s issue of Insurance Brief, the first of 2015.
In this edition, we focus on a Court of Appeal decision concerning the rights of subrogation in the name of one insured against another where there is joint insurance.

Latest articles

5 March 2015
Parliament has confirmed that the controversial decision to introduce enhanced charging in money claims will take effect from Monday 9 March 2015.
27 February 2015
One of the fundamental objectives of litigation with an international flavour is to obtain a favourable judgment that is not only valid and enforceable in the country in which it is given but also other countries.
26 February 2015
There appears to be more signs from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) that Hong Kong may soon introduce restrictions on the transfer of personal data to places outside Hong Kong.
25 February 2015
Khalid Mahmood examines transfers taking place under TUPE and what this means for PI claims.
24 February 2015
A round up of recent court decisions raising issues relating to delays in treatment, interim payments, withdrawal of pre-action admissions, nervous shock, GP liability and vascular surgery.