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Latest publications

26 November 2015
Welcome to the first edition of Shipping and Commodities Brief.
11 November 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of our Hong Kong Medical Law Brief.

In this edition we open with a guidance note for doctors as to the tricky situation medical professionals may find themselves in when asked to release medical records or other confidential information provided by a patient who subsequently dies. In this scenario the doctor must balance their duty of confidentiality owed to the deceased patient, with the overriding public interest in disclosing the records.
10 November 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of Medical Law Brief.
21 October 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of Motor Brief.
14 October 2015
The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 completely replace the established CDM Coordinator role with the entirely new role of Principal Designer. This Principal Designer role, taken on by one of the design team (e.g. architect or D&B contractor), brings new and distinct risks and issues.

Latest articles

26 November 2015
Setting the tone for the next four and a half years, previously made commitments set many of the parameters of yesterday’s spending reviews. In practice it was largely an exercise in distributing spending cuts across the non-ringfenced departments – affording protection to some (health, education, defence) by making inevitable cuts to others (including the Home Office and Justice).
24 November 2015
By harnessing the powers of the English courts, we were recently able to arrange for overseas witnesses to be summonsed to provide evidence for use in a London arbitration.
24 November 2015
BIMCO released a new NYPE form on 15 October 2015 which is radically different from the 1993 and 1946 forms. We comment on key changes.
23 November 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of Personal Injury Brief.
20 November 2015
A summary of key developments including the Insurance Fraud Taskforce, claims management company regulation, modernising the courts, civil justice reform and implementation of the Rehabilitation Code 2015 and Serious Injury Guide; as well as an audit by MedCo and draft legislation on investigatory powers and bereavement damages.