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3 September 2015
In this edition we have sought to emphasise the wide reaching impact of recent developments in the professional indemnity and financial institutions arena across the globe. How better to do this than have our APAC team introduce the recent developments in this area?
17 August 2015
Brazilian regulator SUSEP increases percentage of reinsurance market share available to foreign Reinsurers from the current 60% to 85%
17 July 2015
Section 45 of the Arbitration Act allows parties to refer questions of law arising in arbitration proceedings to the court. This right is one of the things that distinguishes the Arbitration Act from its European equivalent, the Model Law, which does not recognise such a right.
8 July 2015
Welcome to this month’s issue of Insurance Brief.
6 July 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of Liability Brief.
Last week, Kennedys hosted an event to discuss the new political landscape and what it means to insurers. Panel speakers included the esteemed David Laws MP and Lord Adonis.

Latest articles

2 September 2015
UAE Insurers must not combine the operations of persons insurance and fund formation lines of business with property and liability insurance business.
2 September 2015
The reform of data protection rules across the EU has been a priority for the European Commission (EC) for many years. The EC are concerned about the ‘internet of things’ and the impact it, and the globalisation of data exchange, will have on civil liberties and the role companies and other bodies play in protecting it.
5 August 2015
Residents of Dubai and their employers/sponsors are now required to disclose certain information to procure their compliant health insurance, or they run the risk of not obtaining or renewing a Dubai residence visa.
4 August 2015
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) promulgated Policy Directive Number 1 of 2015 (PD 01/2015) (Policy Directive) pursuant to Health Insurance Law (No 11 of 2013) of the Emirates of Dubai (the “Law”).
31 July 2015
The Consumer Rights Act 2015 (“the CRA”) received royal assent on 26 March 2015, the last day of the last Parliament. It heralds significant changes to consumer rights and redress, in part implementing the Consumer Rights Directive.