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12 August 2016
Providing evidence to the Treasury Committee on 20 July 2016, Andrew Bailey, newly appointed CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), called for the UK to secure continued single market access and further trade agreements to help meet the FCA’s competition objective by advancing cross-border trade in financial services.
8 August 2016
The UK voted on 23 June 2016 to no longer remain a member of the European Union. There is widespread acceptance that both the UK and the remaining member states need some time to make plans for a negotiation and that Article 50 will not be triggered before spring 2017.  This suggests that the UK will leave the EU in 2019.
13 July 2016
The United Kingdom will have a new Prime Minister by this evening and, presumably, a new cabinet by the end of the week. The nine weeks’ vacuum has been lifted, allowing the machinery of government to take valuable steps to ensure that the UK has prepared its negotiating objectives once Article 50 is triggered.

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