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30 June 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of our Hong Kong Medical Law Brief.

Since the Civil Justice Reforms were introduced in April 2009, pro-active case management is now of paramount importance to the Hong Kong Courts. In this edition we introduce Andrew Lovell, a Solicitor who has joined the Hong Kong team from our London office, who provides an overview of the differences in approach to case management between the UK and Hong Kong Courts.
29 June 2015
Welcome to the latest edition of Medical Law Brief.
We were delighted to be able to attend the NHS Confederation annual conference and exhibition in Liverpool earlier this month. The event represented the largest meeting of senior health and care leaders, decision-makers, partners and stakeholders following the 2015 general election.
9 April 2015
IF – if I know when I will die, I will get myself moving on my “bucket list”. I don’t. Unfortunately.


30 July 2015
The Australian Government has indicated that it will introduce mandatory data breach notification laws in 2015.
21 July 2015
SFAT Affirms SFC decision to reprimand and fine The Pride Fund Management Limited for failing to enter into mediation managed by the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre.
20 July 2015
An international organisation that provides professional services faces additional liability risks, which are not covered by standard general liability insurance policies.

Análisis de jurisprudencia

20 July 2015

The decision of the English Court of Appeal in Three Rivers District Council v Governor and Company of the Bank of England (No. 5) [2003] QB 1556 (“Three Rivers (No. 5)”) has caused much concern in the legal profession as to the limitation it placed on the protection given by legal advice privilege to corporations.
30 June 2015
The Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) has determined that in light of the Defendant surgeon’s conviction for theft following misuse of his employer’s funds, he was also guilty of a disciplinary offence. The MCHK removed the Defendant from the General Register for a period of 6 months.
30 June 2015
The High Court rules that inadvertent disclosure of expert reports can be protected by the granting of an injunction and takes a robust approach to parties’ entitlement to recover their costs in the making of unnecessary applications.


24 September 2015
We have invited Simon Readhead Q.C. from 1 Chancery Lane as a guest speaker of Hong Kong office's healthcare seminar on Thursday 24 September. 
10 - 11 September 2015
Data privacy law in Mainland China has evolved rapidly over the past three years, since the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress handed down the Decision on Strengthening Internet Information Protection. While it remains a work in progress, China now has a legal framework, mandatory data privacy principles and a set of detailed guidelines for the private sector.

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