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15 January 2018
Last year, we produced a report on wildfires that considered the cause and effects from a predominantly UK perspective. In the UK, wildfires are an emerging risk – a risk that, as yet, has limited data to evaluate, but is likely to increase in frequency and financial burden in the not–too-distant future.
12 January 2018
The press continues to be dominated by commentary on technological innovation in all sectors, and insurance is no exception. We are all familiar with "fintech", a label identifying the use of new technology like mobile phone banking to create and improve financial services, be it for a consumer or a business. But what about the insurance equivalent? What is “insurtech", and what does it mean for those working in the insurance industry in the near future?
12 January 2018
As the number of harassment claims increases, insurers should consider whether they're best covered under general liability policies or specialist employment policies.
11 January 2018
The coming into effect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 will introduce important changes requiring greater vigilance over compliance if fines are to be avoided.
10 January 2018
The litigation landscape continues to evolve – driven by both policy decisions and behaviours at the claims handling level. In addition, never before has it been as important to consider individual measures against the broader environment which touches the industry: innovation, digitisation and politics.
27 December 2017
The UK’s first motor insurance policy was introduced in 1896 – shortly after a new law increased the speed limit for cars from 2 mph to 14 mph miles in towns and 4 mph in the countryside. Just three months earlier, a jury heard the first reported incident of a pedestrian victim of an automobile collision – in which the driver claimed he was driving at 4 mph. The jury returned a verdict of ‘accidental death’ and no prosecution was made. The coroner said he hoped “such a thing would never happen again”.
22 December 2017
Did you know you can now buy a genetic engineering kit and design your own life form?

The newly appointed Head of Innovation at Lloyd’s, Trevor Maynard, has called for the insurance industry to “ramp up” its investment in innovative new products and technologies. Speaking at the Old Library in Lloyd's earlier this year, out of the three emerging risks he highlighted - autonomous vehicles, food system shock and synthetic biology – synthetic biology is probably the most unfamiliar to many insurance professionals.
15 December 2017
New interim guidance was published on 11 December 2017 on withdrawal of clinically assisted nutrition and hydration (CANH). Prepared jointly by the General Medical Council (GMC), Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and the British Medical Association (BMA), it follows removal of the Court of Protection’s Practice Direction 9E relating to serious medical treatment cases.  Full guidance is expected in May 2018.
12 December 2017
A round up of recent UK and overseas court decisions addressing issues including recoverable expenses in GA, jurisdiction over misrepresentation claims, ‘subject to review’ clauses, invalid service of arbitration notices, expenses incurred during piracy negotiations, the applicability of the no set-off against freight rule to air carriage contracts, enforcement of a potentially biased Russian arbitration award, unseaworthiness in a general average claim and excessive security demands in Australia.
2 December 2017
It has been reported that one in four London market insurers will have to rely on investment returns to make a profit in 2016 (PWC December 2015). The market is soft across its various classes of business and this includes the mining sector, which also faces a number of key challenges from increasing costs associated with sourcing and extracting various commodities.
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