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23 February 2018
The Court of Appeal has refused insurers’ appeal and upheld the Commercial Court decision that salvage costs incurred prior to tender of Notice of Abandonment (NOA) and SCOPIC expenses can both be taken into account for the purpose of assessing whether a vessel is a constructive total loss (CTL).
6 February 2018
The Court of Appeal provides clarity for gas distributors who have made statutory compensation payments to customers when the loss of supply is the fault of another utility provider.
1 February 2018
The Court of Appeal decision in Thomas v Hugh James Ford Simey is of importance to personal injury lawyers and their professional indemnity insurers as it recognises that lawyers are not necessarily obliged to challenge a client’s decision if they do not wish to pursue a particular head of claim. As Lord Justice Jackson succinctly remarked “…if the client is an adult of full capacity, there comes a point when his autonomy should be respected”.
24 January 2018
The Supreme Court held that the English courts had no jurisdiction to hear the claim against the defendant as the claimant was unable to establish that there was a ‘good arguable case’.
22 January 2018
The High Court provides clarification and guidance on the meaning of fundamental dishonesty under Section 57 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 (Section 57) – confirming that Section 57 is a tool in the defendant’s armoury that carries real bite.
19 January 2018
Professional indemnity insurer successful in claiming reimbursement of defence costs advanced pending resolution of a coverage dispute. This case emphasises the need for insurers to have such disputes determined quickly, and procedurally correctly, when faced with an impecunious insured.
8 January 2018
The High Court finds Morrisons vicariously liable for the criminal actions of its employee in posting almost 100,000 of its employees’ personal data on the web. Insurers may wish to look closely at the wording of their employer’s and public liability policies to check the extent of what they might be covering.
28 December 2017
This case is a useful reminder of the basic principles governing when a cause of action accrues and limitation starts to run. It is also potentially of relevance to lender’s claims, offering an argument to get round the Nykredit principle that damage only accrues when the amount loaned plus interest exceeds the value of the rights acquired by the lender.
13 December 2017
The Supreme Court was asked to consider whether, following the seizure of The Longchamp by Somali pirates, daily operating expenses, including bunkers and crew wages, incurred during the period of 51 days in which the pirates’ ransom demands were reduced from US$6 million to US$1.85 million, were allowable in general average (under the York-Antwerp Rules 1974).
11 December 2017
In the “Amity”, the Commercial Court was asked to consider the service of arbitration notices and whether or not an arbitration tribunal was properly constituted.
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