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11 October 2016
Welcome to the latest edition of London Market Brief.


7 February 2017
Towards the end of 2016, news broke of a Brazilian Federal Police investigation designated Operation Greenfield, a major fraud investigation that the Brazilian press has labelled the “new Lava Jato”.
17 November 2016
Hanjin Shipping’s rehabilitation has continued to cause problems in multiple fields in the shipping world. Whilst there are signs of the dust beginning to settle, parties should be on high alert of their potential exposure. Our latest article examines recent issues and provides an update on the rehabilitation proceedings in Korea.
10 October 2016
In recent years, Venezuela has been in the spotlight for many reasons - unfortunately, not necessarily good ones. Political instability, contraction of the economy, high inflation rates, the oil price plunge and shortage of essential goods all feature in the complex Venezuelan environment.

Case reviews

12 August 2016
Court of Appeal holds that a constructive total loss (CTL) of a vessel detained by customs authorities in Venezuela after drugs were strapped to its hull by malicious persons was not covered under standard war risks policy terms because the infringement of customs regulation exclusion clause applied.

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